Family Planning with IBD: Patient Education Event

Oct 2022 | Patient Education Events

Calling all patients and caregivers!! 

Do you have questions on family planning with IBD? Are you/your loved one actively trying to get pregnant? Are you concerned about potential effects of IBD medications in pregnancy? 

Family planning and pregnancy with IBD are such important and intimate topics that aren’t talked about much in the South Asian IBD community. To address these concerns, SAIA brings you an important discussion titled “Family Planning with IBD.

SAIA’s Co-Founders & Board members, Neilanjan Nandi, MD and Tina Aswani-Omprakash, will be co-moderating the session to host the following ROCKSTAR physician experts:

  • Dr Sunanda V. Kane, MD, Gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic, US
  • Dr Rupa Banerjee, DTM, MD, MRCP. Gastroenterologist and Director of IBD Clinic, Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, India

SAIA is proud to also be hosting two BRAVE IBD mothers who will be sharing their family planning journey:

  • Payal Patel, Ulcerative Colitis Patient & Ostomate from the UK
  • Tanya Manohar, Crohn’s Patient from India