Eating During the Holidays with IBD

SAIA was proud to partner with Nutritional Therapy for IBD to develop this resource on navigating IBD and diet during festive celebrations.

Having Culturally Competent Conversations with your South Asian IBD Patients

SAIA is excited to share clinician resources in collaboration with Clinical Care Options (CCO) from our symposium at Digestive Disease Week 2023!

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South Asians with IBD: Talking about your Diagnosis

SAIA is pleased to share patient education resources in collaboration with Clinical Care Options (CCO) from our symposium at Digestive Disease Week 2023!

Fistula in IBD

SAIA put together a vital resource on how fistula in IBD are treated!

Family Matters Resource

Check out this handy resource on how to support a loved one with IBD! 

Biologics and Small Molecules

SAIA developed this important resource on the different types of advanced therapies (biologics and small molecules) that are available to treat IBD!

Observing Ramadan with IBD Resources

SAIA partnered with Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and Improve Care Now to create education and awareness to support our patients who observe Ramadan.

Higher Education with IBD

SAIA was thrilled to partner with Improve Care Now to host the talk “Higher Education with IBD: Achieving your Dreams”. Our team developed resources for IBD patients from this talk.

World IBD Day: Patient Education Video

On World IBD Day, South Asian patient advocates, clinicians and loved ones came together to educate our community about IBD, its symptoms and when to see a GI specialist in a variety of South Asian languages!

World IBD Day: Tweetorial

On World IBD Day 2022, SAIA conducted a special patient education tweetorial in Hindi! The tweetorial was designed & created by Dr. Vishal Sharma, Director, Research Committee.

IBDesis Patient Support Group

At SAIA, we recognise the importance of non-judgmental spaces in supporting and empowering South Asian IBD patients and their caregivers. Learn more about our patient support group.

Open Restrooms Movement

SAIA believes that access to public restrooms is a human right. That is why we have partnered with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation to spread the word about the We Can’t Wait app!