Team IBDesis was awarded Helio's 2023 Disruptive Innovators Award in the Patient Voice category at 2023 in Vancouver

Our patient advocacy team works tirelessly to bring light to many of the cultural stigmas we as South Asian IBD patients face collectively in the mainland and the diaspora. As one of the largest racial and ethnic groups around the globe with one of the fastest growing populations of IBD, it is imperative for the GI community and, really, the world to understand our unique patient experiences & challenges.

Towards this goal, Team IBDesis helped form the basis for the patient-clinician collaboratively led organization, South Asian IBD Alliance (SAIA). Learn more in this Healio feature:

We are truly humbled to have Healio Gastroenterology recognize the immense efforts and honor us with such a prestigious award, thank you.

SAIA wins the Lyfebulb-Bristol Myers Squibb Innovation Challenge in the nonprofit category.

January 2023

We at SAIA are excited to announce we have been selected as the winner of the Lyfebulb- Bristol Myers Squibb Innovation Challenge in the nonprofit category! It is our honor and immense pleasure to accept the Impact Award for $25,000 to help advance research in our SouthAsianIBD community.

Please check out the press release here.

We look forward to continuing to serve our SouthAsianIBD community to break down the stigmas that plague us, resulting in marked delays to diagnosis and underutilization of advanced therapies and surgery to treat IBD.

Onwards and upwards, my friends!