Guts UK Charity-SAIA-Chronically Brown Collaborative Webinar “Bowel Habits: When to Seek Help”

Jul 2022 | Patient Education Events

July 2022

This South Asian Heritage Month, SAIA has teamed up with Guts UK Charity and Chronically Brown to destigmatize conversations around bowel habits and bring greater awareness to bowel diseases in our South Asian communities.

Developed together by healthcare professionals and patient advocates from the South Asian community, this webinar aims to reduce cultural stigmas towards digestive conditions in our community and bust myths and misunderstandings.

Our panel of gut experts include:

  • Prof. Shaji Sebastian: IBD Clinician, Director of SAIA’s Research Committee
  • Madhoor Ramdeen: Clinical Specialist IBD Nurse, member of SAIA’s Professional Development Committee
  • Pooja Dhir: Specialist Gut & Bowel Disease Dietitian
  • Kaveeta: IBS Patient Advocate, Volunteer at Chronically Brown
  • Sharan: IBD Patient Advocate, Co-secretary & Director of Patient Outreach & Advocacy, SAIA

Together they’ll be discussing Bowel habits: what is normal and when you should be seeking professional medical help, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, South Asian diet plus much more!